Certificates & Training

Jim Meola’s certificate of promotion to master-level (5th degree black belt).
Presented February 16th, 1989 by Dr. Tetsuya Higuchi.  Master Higuchi was the former head martial arts instructor for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police department who operated a dojo in Mentor, Ohio after his retirement from the police department.  He is now retired in Japan (as of 2008).  Master Higuchi previously promoted Jim’s father Sylvester Meola to master-level.More information on Master Higuchi can be found on this site (knaufs.com)






Jim Meola (bottom right) and Sue Meola (upper right, 4th degree black belt) visiting the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department main dojo in 1989, with the head instructors at the time.  Below are the business cards of the instructors in the photo.

Jim Meola’s certificate for promotion to 7th degree black belt.  Presented by Goshin Dai Ryu Federation in 2002