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Fenix Women’s Self Defense Workshops

All Japan Jujitsu International Federation
Jim Meola became an internationally recognized master by this federation that contains greats such
as Wally Jay, Gene LeBell, George Kirby, and Reylson Gracie. (January, 2008) (meditation)
Goshin Dai Ryu Home Page

Jujitsu Techniques (in General):

Nice technique section – both for standing & ground.  Unfortunately, the techniques stop at purple.
I wish they’d keep going as they did a good job.
Good site for grappling information.  Lots of techniques & training information.

US Army Combatives Manual – The official hand-to-hand combat manual
Aside from the references to barbed-wire and trenches, the standing (stikes & self-defense) and
ground techniques are basically Jujitsu.  The detail is pretty good, such as the proper way to throw
a hook (i.e., bent-arm & close to the body), just like Jim teaches when we do basics.

Judo Techniques
Judo is known for its vast arsenal of throws and this site does not disappoint.  It has
video-demonstrations of 40 throws and a bunch of other ones done with animation.  In the
grappling section there’s a pretty wild clip of a flying armbar (real people) in competition.  Note:  in
Judo competitors are not allowed to strike each other (plus other restrictions on submission holds &
takedowns, etc.) so I’m not sure how well this would work on the street, but it looks cool.
Two sites with a lot of BJJ techniques.  The latter has more techniques, but the first site’s pictures
and sequences are clearer and more consistently done.

Two of the videos on this site are pretty cool.  Check out “technique one” – it has good ideas for
circuit training, as well as a good explanation of a top-wristlock. “demo” is also good.  Pancrase is
an MMA submission fighting sport that is really popular in Japan (also heavily influenced by Jujitsu).

Background Reading (Martial Arts):

Jujitsu (Wikipedia)
Goshin Jujitsu (Wikipedia)

An article on Goshin-Jutsu ( – (Homepage) – (Comments on Grappling)
The site navigation could stand some improvement, but this is a good site for self-defense
information (webmaster).  The author focuses on being aware of one’s surroundings to avoid
trouble before it starts (like we do), and while grappling is a fundamental part of Jujitsu (in which
we train), grappling should not necessarily be considered the first line of self-defense (just like Jim
& James always say).  Sometimes you might have to, but don’t stay there and duke or grapple it out
if there is a safe opportunity to escape.  Warning: the author of that site sometimes employs rather
colorful language.  The quote “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength” (Eric Hoffer,
American Author) is a gem and one to remember.

Krav Maga (Wikipedia)
Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defense system that draws many techniques from Jujitsu, and is quite
similar, specifically, to Goshin Jujitsu.  Jim actually met Imi Lichtenfeld (Krav Maga founder) in the


A great workound routine (in the webmaster’s opinion) – Matt Furey

Another article on the same subject – Matt Furey

Heavy Bag Training & Tips  (
Guide to PowerPunching – Free Exerpt (
Good heavy-bag training tips.  Same stuff that James is always reminding us of:  snap your
punches, keep your guard up, keep moving, etc.  Don’t lose your technique:  the hips throw the
punch, the hips pull it back.
Literally, everything you ever wanted to know about speed bags.

General Health & Medical:

Overuse Knee Injuries (University of Illinois)
“Runner’s Knee” Symptoms (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons)

Stretching and Flexibility – Everything That You Never Wanted To Know

Information Guide on Supplements (Mustard Seed Market)
A few people take Glucosamine for joint/knee issues.  Here’s some reading material.


Equipment Ramblings
The webmaster’s thoughts and links on a variety of training equipment


Article about Royce Gracie and UFC (
An article about Royce Gracie, the Jujitsu practioner who aruguably did more to popularize Jujitsu in
the 1990’s than anybody else with his wins in the first UFC events, usually against people who were
much larger than he.  A man who is skilled as well as a class-act.

Sun Tzu on the Art of War –
The oldest military treatise in the world.  Sometimes esoteric, sometimes not entirely applicable to
our day-to-day lives (e.g., most people today drive over bridges in minivans instead of crossing
rivers with chariots), but de rigeur reading for the martial mind and the historian in all of us.  In
contrast to many misconceptions about the title, it does not lobby for war universally, but rather
when there is no other alternative.  And most importantly – how to avoid it (e.g., “to win without
fighting is best”, and “worst is to beseige their cities”, etc.).  One commentary related this to health
care, where surgery was battle (i.e., it’s better to stay healthy than to go under the knife).
However, if a battle must happen, make it quick and decisive.
Two popular internet translations:
Chinapage (Sun Tzu)
Kimsoft (Sun Tzu)

Stanford Jujitsu Club
Sure, it’s 2500 miles away from Hillcrest, but it’s a frequently linked-to Jujitsu site.  Aikijitsu club.
This site also has a very useful ‘Links’ page for further reading.

The Things People Carry
The site is an interesting repository of “fighting accessories,” some of which
are either illegal (e.g., brass knuckles) or probably should be.  His intent is not to advocate the use
of such devices, but to be aware that if somebody is going to try to take your wallet and/or kill you
(both of which are illegal, FYI), don’t expect them to fight “legally” either.  Makes for good
“weapons awareness” on why we train against chains, knives & bats, etc.  This site is an
eye-opener.  No pun intended.
Examples:      Sap Gloves       Fistloads      Fighting Rings     Brass Knuckles     Garrotte